Interfaith Spring Break Service Trip to TUSCALOOSA, AL 2013 ~ Student Reflections

Signs of the tornado’s destructive force were visible everywhere as we approached the work site.  Bits of broken furniture, glass, and plastic lay nestled among thistles and weeds; the landscape was dotted by the silhouettes of dead trees scraping against the wide expanse of the sky. And yet, in the midst of death, I heard

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2017 Coffin Prize Winners & Finalists Speeches-LISTEN!

LISTEN TO THE WILLIAM SLOANE COFFIN PRIZE FOR PASSIONATE PUBLIC SPEAKING FINALIST’S SPEECHES Congratulations to all of the 2017 finalists! This year’s winners of the Coffin Prize are: Spirituality & Faith:  Zoe Dutton ‘19, WINNER – Finding My Religion (speech not available) Social Justice & Activism: Valeria Sosa Garnica ‘19, WINNER- There Is None 2017 Spirituality & Faith Zoe

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