Virtual Meetings with the Chaplains

Welcome Back!  The Virtual Chaplains’ Office is open! Hello students, we miss meeting you in person. Please contact us by email to schedule a virtual meeting or phone call. The Rev. Valerie Bailey Fischer  — [email protected] Rabbi Seth Wax — [email protected] Bridget Power -- [email protected] Rev. Valerie’s Office Hours Wednesdays and Thursdays, 3 - 5 p.m., sign up for appointments with Rev. Valerie at my Google Calendar. Once you click on this link, click on an open appointment slot to sign up. To cancel an appointment slot you've already booked, leave this sign-up page and delete the event from your own calendar. If you would like to meet at another time, please email me at [email protected]. Rabbi Seth’s Virtual Office Hours  To set up a meeting with Rabbi Seth, please send him an email.  Bridget Power's Office Hours  To set up a meeting with Bridget Power, please send her an email.   Continue reading »

Religious Observance and Dining on Campus

Williams College Policy on Observance of Religious Holidays Because no Williams student should ever have to choose between important religious observances and academic or athletic commitments, college policy provides for students who wish to participate in religious observances that conflict with other obligations to make arrangements with their instructors… Continue reading »

Mission Statement

Mission Statement The Chaplains’ Office seeks to serve the Williams College community by nurturing the vitality of communities of worship representing many of the world’s great religious and spiritual traditions by coordinating energetic and imaginative service to others beyond the campus through programs of community outreach and advocacy for social… Continue reading »