Ecumenical Ash Wednesday Virtual Service – 6 p.m. February 17 on Zoom


Zoom link:

All are welcome to this virtual service!

In-person distribution of ashes has been suspended on campus this year because of COVID-19. However, ashes will be made available, following quarantine and social distancing protocols. If you are interested in ashes as part of your preparation for the Ash Wednesday, Feb. 17 observance, please email or text Rev. Valerie, who will be on campus between 11 am. and 1 p.m. Tuesday, February 16. ([email protected] or 413-517-5364)

Ash Wednesday marks the beginning of the season of Lent, a penitential period where Christian engage in a variety of spiritual practices to foster reflection, confession and repentance and fasting. This season is celebrated by Christians throughout the world in many different ways. For most Christians, the season ends with a reflection on the events leading up to the death and resurrection Jesus Christ, (Palm Sunday, Good Friday and Easter Sunday).

The Ash Wednesday service is a time of reflection on our mortality. The ashes are imposed on the forehead of the participant with the words, remember, from ashes you have come and to ashes you will return. This is not a morbid reflection, but one where we come to value life even more because we realize that life is short, but precious and hopefully full of love, meaning and purpose.  All are welcome to this service and reflection.