2017 Coffin Prize Winners & Finalists Speeches-LISTEN!


Congratulations to all of the 2017 finalists!

This year’s winners of the Coffin Prize are:

Spirituality & Faith:  Zoe Dutton ‘19, WINNER – Finding My Religion (speech not available)

Social Justice & Activism: Valeria Sosa Garnica ‘19, WINNER- There Is None

2017 Spirituality & Faith

Zoe Dutton ‘19, WINNER – Finding My Religion (speech not available)

Jeffrey Rubel ‘17, Finalist – How Are You?

Megan Maher ‘17, Finalist – Jesus, My Black Brothers, and Me

2017 Social Justice & Activism

Valeria Sosa Garnica ‘19, WINNER- There Is None

Benjamin Williams ‘18, Finalist – The Liberty Bell

Mariama Ndiaye ‘17, Finalist – Black Consciousness Thoughts (speech not available)

2016 Spirituality & Faith

Nathan Leach ’17, Winner – Practicing Compassion in a Messy World

Ranana Dine ’16, Finalist – Snap, Crackle, Pop – or, Shattering My Religious Bubble

Abigail Matthew ’18, Finalist – Radical Jesus

2016 Social Justice & Activism

Philemon Abel ’19, Winner – Poems on Being Black in America

Penny Sun ’16, Finalist –An Activist Faith

Suiyi Wendy Tang ’19, Finalist – From Within the Mouth of Goliath: Just Another Asian American Folktale

2015 (We had a 6-way TIE!!! A first for this competition.)

2015 Spirituality & Faith

Jeremy Markson ’15, Winner, The Covenant We Must Not Forget (speech not available)

Benjamin Nathan ’15, Winner, Whales (speech not available)

Abigail Rampone ’17, Winner, Rude Catholic (speech not available)

2015 Activism & Social Justice

Aseel Abulhab ’15, Winner 2015, Sewing up the Tears: the Iraqi Refugee (speech not available)

Yazmine Nichols ’15, WinnerAre we satisfied? Christ as activist

Sarah Vukelich ’16, WinnerAnother World is Possible


2014 Spirituality & Faith

Teddy Cohan ’16, WINNERReclaiming the American Dream

Won-Jun Kuk ’14, FinalistRedefining Hyphenated America

Yasick Nemenov ’16, FinalistOn the Protests in Ukraine

2014 Activism & Social Justice

Chelsea Thomeer ’17, WINNERThe Inaudible Parenthetical

Michael Druker ’17, FinalistEmotional Vulnerability in the Age of Individualism

Pat Megley ’14, FinalistLiving Generously


2013 Spirituality & Faith

Sarah Zager ’13, WINNERWalking and Knowing: The Place of ‘God Talk’ in Social Justice

Shaan Amin ’15, FinalistThe Religion of Humanity

Andrew Quinn ’13, Finalist, What Is This Thing Called “Love”?

2013 Activism & Social Justice

Hamza Farrukh ’15, WINNER, Judge, Jury, and Executioner: Drone Strikes in Pakistan (speech not available)

Kate Flanagan ’14, Finalist, Going against the Grain (speech not available)

Chelli Riddiough ’14, FinalistBuilding Women out of Words

2012 Spirituality & Faith

Kate Flanagan ’14, WINNER, A Language of Belief for the Atheist (speech not available)

Tirhakah Love ’15, FinalistWho’s the Man?

Andy Morgosh ’12, FinalistLessons from a German Pastor

2012 Activism & Social Justice

Jimi Morales ’12, WINNERA Culture of Complicity

Hamza Farrukh ’15, Finalist, A War against Hunger (speech not available)

Lysa Vola ’13, FinalistMedical Oppression of the Transgender Community


2011 Spirituality & Faith

Christopher Holland ’11, WINNER, The Queer Silences of Faith (speech not available)

2011 Activism & Social Justice

Emanuel Yekutiel ’11, WINNER, Perceptions (speech not available)