Moveable Jewish & Muslim Holidays Calendar

Enclosed please find a multi-year calendar for the major Jewish and Muslim holidays.  We understand that since these days move around on our secular calendar, it can be challenging to keep track of which observances fall when in any given year.  We hope you find this information helpful. Each summer in July or August the Chaplains’ Office will continue to send out to all faculty and all administrative offices on campus a memo on religious observances, including a longer list of the holidays most likely to affect the coming school year.


All Jewish and Muslim holidays begin at sundown on the evening before as listed.


Major Jewish Holidays For example, the dates for Rosh Hashanah this year is listed as Sep 14-15, the holiday begins at sundown on Sep 13 and ends at sundown on Sep 15. Dates in bold are yom tov, so they have similar obligations and restrictions to Shabbat in the sense that normal “work” is forbidden.


Major Muslim Holidays

Ashura begins:

2017: sundown, September 30 to sundown, October 1
2018: sundown, September 19 to sundown, September 20
2019: sundown, September 9 to Sundown, September 10
2020: sundown, August 29 to Sundown, August 30



2017: sundown, May 26 to sundown, June 25
2018: sundown, May 15 to sundown, June 14
2019: sundown, May 5 to sundown, June 4
2020: sundown, April 23 to sundown, May 23


Eid al Fitr:

2017: sundown, June 25 to sundown, June 26
2018: sundown, June 14 to sundown, June 15
2019: sundown, June 4 to sundown, June 5
2020: sundown, May 23 to sundown, May 24


Eid al Adha:

2017: sundown, September 1 to sundown, September 2
2018: sundown, August 21 to sundown, August 22
2019: sundown, August 11 to sundown, August 12
2020: sundown, July 30 to sundown,July 31



Major Jewish Holidays


All Jewish Holiday observance begins at sundown the day before and continue to sundown at the end of the final day. Dates in bold are yom tov, so they have similar obligations and restrictions to Shabbat in the sense that normal “work” is forbidden.



1st Eve: sundown, Friday, April 22 – sundown, Saturday, April 30

Sundown, Saturday, June 11 to sundown, Sunday, June 12

Rosh Hashanah
1st Eve: Sunday, October 2
1st Day: Monday, October 3
2nd Eve: Monday, October 3
2nd Day: Tuesday, October 4

Yom Kippur
Eve: Tuesday, October 11
Day: Wednesday, October 12

1st 2 days: sundown, Sunday, October 16 to sundown, Tuesday, October 18

Shemini Atzeret /Simchat Torah
Sundown Sunday, October 23 to sundown, Tuesday, October 25



1st Eve: Monday, April 10 to sundown, Tues., April 18

Sundown, Wednesday, May 31 to sundown, Thursday, June 1
Rosh Hashanah
1st Eve: September 20
1st Day: September 21
2nd Eve: September 21
2nd Day: September 22

Yom Kippur
Eve: Friday, September 29
Day: Saturday, September 30

1st 2 days: sundown, Wednesday, October 4 to sundown, Wednesday October 6

Shemini Atzeret /Simchat Torah
Sundown, Wednesday, October 11 to sundown, Friday, October 13



1st Eve: sundown, Friday, March 30, to sundown, Saturday, April 7

Sundown, Sunday, May 20 to sundown, Monday, May 21

Rosh Hashanah
1st Eve: September 9
1st Day: September 10
2nd Eve: September 10
2nd Day: September 11

Yom Kippur
Eve: Tuesday, September 18
Day: Wednesday, September 19

1st 2 days: sundown, Sunday, September 23 to sundown, September 25

Shemini Atzeret /Simchat Torah
Sundown Sunday, September 30 to sundown Tuesday October 2



1st Eve: sundown, Friday, April 19, to sundown, Saturday, April 27

Sundown, Saturday, June 8 to sundown, Sunday, June 9

Rosh Hashanah
1st Eve: September 29
1st Day: September 30
2nd Eve: September 30
2nd Day: October 1

Yom Kippur
Eve: Tuesday, October 8
Day: Wednesday, October 9

1st 2 days: sundown, Sunday, October 13 to sundown, Tuesday, October 15

Shemini Atzeret /Simchat Torah
Sundown, Saturday, October 20 to sundown, Tuesday, October 22



1st Eve: sundown, Wednesday, April 8, to sundown, Thursday, April 16

Sundown, Thursday, May 28 to sundown, Saturday, May 30

Rosh Hashanah
1st Eve: September 18
1st Day: September 19
2nd Eve: September 19
2nd Day: September 20

Yom Kippur
Eve: September 27
Day: September 28

1st 2 days: sundown, Friday, October 2 to sundown, Sunday, October 4

Shemini Atzeret /Simchat Torah
Sundown, Friday, October 9 to sundown, Sunday, October 11