Meal Swipe Donations - Fundraising Policy & Proposal Form

Policy and Procedure for Fundraising by Meal Swipe Donation

There is a strong spirit of and commitment to giving here at Williams College. Our community has generously supported an impressive range of local, national and international causes.  Through the “donation of meal swipes”, Dining Services has worked with various student groups to facilitate the spirit of giving and to make the experience a meaningful and positive event.  Our goal is to encourage this aspect of student life on campus.

As more and more student groups plan fundraising events for worthy causes, it is important that the opportunities for a donation of meal swipes be made available equitably and responsibly to as many groups as possible. The Chaplains’ Office and Dining Services will institute a process of review of all proposals for fundraisers involving meal swipes – in order to prevent the student community from being saturated by repeated events, and events that undercut each other while respecting the needs of Dining Services for planning and budgeting.  Careful planning will help us to foster the kind of humanitarian outreach and cultural awareness that should be part of life at a liberal arts college.  The following protocol will assist the review process.

We asked that all student groups hosting the fundraiser advertise their fundraisers and collect the names of students donating a meal swipe for your charity. This could be done by tabling, advertising on your student’s group FB page, or by invitation on a listserv or Daily Message, etc.  The list of student names should be printed clearly and submitted to Nancy Luczynski in the Chaplains’ Office 2 days before your fundraiser event. Your list will be forwarded to Dining Services so the swipes can be deducted.

Dining Service is able to host 2 meal swipe donation events each semester and 1 during winter study.  Proposals will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis- though no group will be able to host more than one event consecutively.  In providing the information requested below, be as explicit and clear as possible about the event you envision, the cause (s) you support, and the plan you’ve made for information and educating the campus community.  When you have completed your proposal below, click submit.  Your proposal will go to Rev. Valerie Bailey Fischer for review. If approved, she will consult with Dining Services and respond to your request as efficiently as possible. You will be notified immediately if your proposal is not approved.

Meal Swipe Donations Fundraiser Proposal Form

  • Date Format: MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • or a number where you can be reached.
  • Please include 3 digit fund # and 6 or 7 digit account number. Example: 000-0000000
  • Please visit to assist you with advertising your event.
  • Please indicate to whom the check should be made payable to.