Take & Eat

The next TAKE & EAT will take place on Saturday & Sunday, January 6th & 7th at the Zilkha Center kitchen located at 55 Mission Park Drive.
Once a month the Chaplains office oversees the preparation of meals for local Williamstown residents. Saturday, January 6th, the meals will be prepared and packaged starting at 6:00 pm. in the Zilkha Center kitchen. The meals will be delivered Sunday, January 7th starting at 11:30 AM departing from the Zilkha Ctr.
If you’re looking for a chance to serve locally, here’s your chance. The food preparation shouldn’t take more than two hours. If you can’t help then, come Sunday around 11:15. If you have a car and can drive, great, but not necessary. Contact the Chaplains’ Office if you’d like to help out.