Student Religious Organizations


Co-Presidents: Diana Sanchez ’17, Jovana Calvillo ’18 (fall), and David Vascones ’18 (spring)
Spiritual Life Coordinator: Maryanne Masibo ’19
Outreach Coordinator: Serapia Kim ’19
Treasurer: Ryan Taylor ’19

Rev. Gary Caster, Catholic Chaplain
[email protected]

Williams InterVarsity Leadership 2016 – 2017

Large Group is on Friday nights at 7:30pm in Griffin 3

Large Group:
Sierra Betts 
Megan Maher 
Black Campus Ministries:
Naomi Francois 
Valerie Oyakhilome 
Sean Ninsing 
Joseph Wilson 
First Year Bible Study:
Philemon Abel
Jilly Lim 
Danielle D’Oliveira 
Athletes (Ephs for Christ)

Abigail Matthew


THE FEAST    Spring 2015 – Spring 2016

Lucy Page ’17 (2016)


Practices are open!  —  Tuesdays, 6-8 PM and Fridays, 5-7 PM
Bernhard Music Center, Room 30
Contact: Naomi Francois ’18 or Sharldine Desire ’16
All are welcome to join! No auditions and No religious affiliation to join!

INTERFAITH Group 2016 – 2017

Abby Rampone ’17
Bushra Ali ’17
Christine Pash ’18


WCJA Board 2016-2017
Presidents: Rachel Schwartz ’17 and Evan Ringel ’17
Interim President (until the end of this academic year): Tamar Aizenberg ’18
Religious Director: Marisa Flignor ’19
Education Director: Rachel Levin ’19
Social Chair: Lindsay Klickstein ’19
Treasurer: Jesse Ames ’19
Outreach Coordinator: Erin Cohn ’10
Kitchen Directors: Becky Durst ’17, Avital Lipkin ’19, Mollie Bernstein ’18
Tzedek Director: Aaron Goldstein ’18
MinCo Representative: Michael Rubel ’19
Board Member at Large: Sam Siegel

MSU  Spring 2016-Spring 2017

Co-chairs Amina Awad (ama4) & Ahmed Khalayleh (aa14)
Omar Kawam ’20
Summiy Najam ’20

TBA Outreach
TBA Religious Coordinator, Webmaster
TBA Event Coordinator
TBA MinCo Representative
TBA Treasurer, Space Coordinator

Vedanta Study Group 2016-2017

Nina Pande ’17, Coordinator

ZEN Practice Group 2016-2017

Meeting Wednesdays, 5:00 PM
Meditation Rm., Thompson Memorial Chapel, lower level

Contact Bo (Patrick) Kane ’17 for information (pbk1)