Mission Statement

The Chaplains’ Office seeks to serve the Williams College community

  • by nurturing the vitality of communities of worship representing many of the world’s great religious and spiritual traditions
  • by coordinating energetic and imaginative service to others beyond the campus through programs of community outreach and advocacy for social justice, and by encouraging mutually trans-formative interaction between students and their neighbors in Williamstown and the wider world
  • by promoting courageous, candid and transformative dialogue among religious communities, and between theologies and other disciplines of intellectual life
  • by supporting students and others in times of struggle, and by offering companionship in other spiritual questions and quests
  • by encouraging growth in the spiritual and moral dimensions of human wholeness alongside the College’s attention to growth in the intellectual, physical, emotional and psychological dimensions of person-hood

The college chaplains and office staff are eager to help students, faculty, staff and all members of the Williams community to discover every resource that may be helpful in furtherance of an individual’s spiritual journey and of the religious lives of the whole College.

Sacred Spaces