Our Mission Statement

***The annual Lessons & Carols holiday event will be held on  Sat, Dec 3rd, 2022 at Thompson Memorial Chapel. Two performances– 4pm and 7pm.  Masking is required.  LIVE STREAM link to the 7pm performance is here!

Chaplains’ Office Mission Statement

The Chaplains’ role at Williams is to encourage growth in the spiritual and moral dimensions of human wholeness alongside the College’s attention to growth in the intellectual, physical, emotional, and psychological dimensions of person-hood.  The Chaplains are available to serve all students, faculty, staff, and the broader Williams community—inclusive of those with faith, those who claim no faith, and all who seek deeper meaning in life.

  • Providing pastoral support and spiritual care, opportunities for meaning making and personal discovery and companionship amidst emerging questions and quests;
  • Nurturing the vitality of campus communities of refection, spiritual practice, and worship, supporting students who participate and lead them; and
  • Promoting courageous, candid, and transformative dialogue among religious communities and between theologies and other disciplines of intellectual life.


The Chaplains’ Office team:
The Rev. Valerie Bailey Fischer, Chaplain to the College, Protestant Chaplain
413-517-5364 Cell
413-597-2483 Office

Rabbi Seth Wax, Jewish Chaplain
413-597-2483 Office

Bridget Power, Catholic Chaplain
[email protected]​.edu
413-597-2483 Office

Anne Myers, Interfaith Fellow and Interim Muslim Program Coordinator
[email protected]
413-597-2483 Office

Rose Wallent, Administrative Coordinator
[email protected]​.edu
413-597-2483 Office

The Chaplains’ Office ᐧ Paresky Center ᐧ  Room 205 ᐧ 39 Chapin Hall Drive