Sacred Spaces at Williams

Thompson Memorial Chapel

Thompson Memorial Chapel, built in 1905 to be the visible center of Williams’ spiritual life. More »

Jewish Religious Center

The Jewish Religious Center is located at 24 Stetson Court. If you have any questions, please contact the Chaplains’ Office at 413-597-2483. More »

Muslim Prayer Room

For information, call the Chaplains’ Office at 413/597-2483 or e-mail [email protected] (The Muslim Prayer room is located on the lower level of Thompson Memorial Chapel.) More »

Haystack Monument

On a sultry Saturday afternoon in August, 1806, Mills and four other students gathered as usual in the maple grove of Sloan’s Meadow for one... More »

Newman Catholic Chapel

The Newman Catholic Community Room and Chapel provide a spiritual home for Catholics at Williams. More »

Nature's Sanctuary

Beyond the confines of bricks and mortar, Nature provides an ever-present sanctuary for the soul. More »


The Zendo is available as a meditation space. If you would like to use the Zendo for meditation, please contact the Chaplains’ Office by calling... More »

Mission Statement

The Chaplains’ Office seeks to serve the Williams College community

The college chaplains and office staff are eager to help students, faculty, staff and all members of the Williams community to discover every resource that may be helpful in furtherance of an individual’s spiritual journey and of the religious lives of the whole College.